Coconut husk is the raw material for coir pith (also globally known as coco peat) and coir products. This is 100% organic and natural product. Our coco substrate made from Cocopeat raw materials directly collected from fibre mill. Coco peat raw materials are screened to remove foreign materials and fine particles to increase air porosity to the roots to grow more.

Process of Coir

Fibre separation

Coco peat separated from good quality husk using specific machine using :


The coir peat salt content is often high. EC value over 4.0 mS/cm, This coco peat material will be washed with clean water to reduce the EC value from 4.0 mS/cm to 0.5 - 1.0 mS/cm depending on customer requirement.


Washed wet coco peat is laid in concreate yard for drying. It is dried in the direct sunlight until the moisture level comes to less than 15%. We do not use any other artificial method for drying coco peat. This dried coco peat is collected in PP bags and stored for further processing.


The dried coco peat collected in PP bags are fed into 6 mm rotary screener machine. This screener machine sieves the coco peat and removes fibre, small stones and other impurities of above 6 mm size. This sieved coco peat is then fed into another 1 mm rotary screener machine. This removes all the fine particles present in the coco peat. These fine particles reduce the absorption capacity of the coco peat

Sand removing

The sieved coco peat is then fed into special machine called De-stoner. This machine removes all the tiny stones, sand and any other impurities with less than 6 mm size.

Block Making

The sand removed coco peat is fed to the hydraulic compression machine which compresses the coco peat and produces coco peat blocks as 5 kg blocks, 650 grams bricks or grow bag slabs as per customer requirement